Ultramega OK Vinyl Re-Issue
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Ultramega OK Vinyl Re-Issue

Ultramega OK Vinyl Re-Issue pressed on 180gram, black vinyl

Remixed and remastered, this Ultramega OK 2-LP comes packaged in a foil-stamped gatefold with custom dust sleeves, featuring liner notes from Kim Thayil and Jack Endino, and includes a previously unseen photo from renowned photographer Charles Peterson.

Side A

  1. Flower
  2. All Your Lies
  3. 665
  4. Beyond the Wheel
  5. 667
  6. Mood for Trouble
  7. Circle of Power

Side B

  1. He Didn't
  2. Smokestack Lightning
  3. Nazi Driver
  4. Head Injury
  5. Incessant Mace
  6. One Minute of Silence

Side C

  1. Head Injury (early version)
  2. Beyond the Wheel (early version)
  3. Incessant Mace (early version)

Side D

  1. He Didn't (early version)
  2. All Your Lies (early version)
  3. Incessant Mace (V2) (early version)
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